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Strategies to Help Seniors with Their Memory


Changes with memory, retaining or remembering, are part of the many challenges that senior care deals with. Although not all seniors suffer from memory loss, there are still those with a high chance of living with a dementia-related illness. Thus, our job is to help our senior loved ones receive the care and assistance they need to improve their cognitive function to prevent or slow down the onset of memory loss.

Caring for a loved one with severe memory loss can be very challenging. Caregivers may find it challenging to keep up with their seniors’ daily needs or wants. Hence, our specialized care professionals would like to suggest these tips to make caring for a loved one with memory issues less complicated.

Both caregivers and older adults can follow these tips. If you are a caregiver in Pennsylvania, encourage your charge to do the same.

  • Keep your attention and reduce distractions. Avoid multitasking.
  • Repeat things and do them over long periods. Repetition has proven to have been the most effective way to remember things.
  • Group things and put them in the same place every time. It could help if you made this a habit.
  • Reducing clutter can help you do things easier. Make things obvious by putting the things you often use in a visible area.
  • Don’t sweat mistakes. Everyone is due to make mistakes, so don’t be too hard on yourself. If changes to your memory impact your day-to-day activities, talk to your doctor.

New Hope Home Care provides home care in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, to help you and your family alleviate stress through our quality care from our professional and compassionate caregivers.

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