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Strategies to Help Encourage Seniors to Exercise More


Regular exercise provides seniors with many health benefits. It can improve their physical, emotional, and mental health, decreasing the risk of conditions like dementia, diabetes, hypertension, anxiety, and depression. Here are some strategies to help encourage your elderly loved ones to exercise more at home and promote overall senior care:

  • Make Exercise a Group Activity.

    It is easier to stick to an exercise regime when done with loved ones. You can encourage your elderly loved ones to exercise more by making it a group activity. Notable examples include taking walks, playing sports, and enjoying recreational activities together.

  • Consider Enrolling in Senior Exercise Programs.

    Many seniors do not know where to start when it comes to exercise. Senior exercise classes provide age-appropriate exercises, taking into consideration the unique situations of your elderly loved ones to provide them with a consistent and reliable exercise program. We can also provide you with a caregiver in Pennsylvania to help with your exercise program.

  • Make Exercise Fun.

    Exercise and physical activity are not limited to working out at the gym. You could encourage your elderly loved ones to exercise more by making it fun through activities like gardening, dancing, swimming, and other fun recreational activities.

We offer home care in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, to help your elderly loved ones exercise and live more actively.

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